WooCommerce Order Tracker

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WooCommerce Order Tracker shows order status with intelligent designs and permits clients to follow their assessed conveyance.

The entire cycle of the global positioning framework is basic and smoothed out which keeps the client mindful of their WooCommerce order status. Clients can follow their orders with the order numbers and following URLs.

How Can You Manage Order Tracker Plugin?

WooCommerce Order tracker module empowers following of the products ordered from your store.

You can offer total following from the production of the order to the conveyance.

It permits order following regardless of whether you utilize outsider delivery administrations. You can make custom order statuses dependent on the shipment cycle.

Advantages of WooCommerce Order Tracker


Keep clients educated about the order status of their ordered item and try not to get pointless conveyance request calls.

Make your shipment cycle straightforward and procure the trust of your clients.

Clients can follow their orders regardless of whether you utilize an outsider shipment administration.

Make custom order statuses as indicated by the means of your shipment administration.


Get data on order status by means of email notification rather than by settling on request decisions to shipment administration.

Following total item shipment measure; from making the order to item conveyance.

Track the ordered item regardless of whether an outsider delivery administration is utilized.

WooCommerce Order Tracker – 3

Highlights of WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin

This module gives an alternative to empower the order following component.

Administrator can make custom order status and transfer favored logos.

It offers a choice to send email notifications to the client on changing order status.

It gives following data an expected conveyance date.

It gives six distinct kinds of order following layouts.

It permits transporting administrations combination with FedEx, Canada Post, and USPS. What’s more, Admin can empower outsider shipment following.

Administrator designates order statuses to the following advances that would be shown on the following layout.

Administrator can empower following for client orders with Google Maps.

Furnishes following highlights with 17track.net if the administrator transports their order from various transportation organizations.


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